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I’ve got an app for Shopify called auto tagger delivery date which is ideal for local businesses who deliver in theor local area. I’d like to get more customers using it so I’m going to contact some shops to tell them about it.

I’ve read before that using a female name when cold emailing potential customers gets a higher response rate. So I’ve thought about setting up an email address in a lady’s name to use in my outreach emails.

Is that:

  1. perfectly acceptable behaviour?
  2. a bit cheeky but not too bad?
  3. unethical?

I’ve just tried to search for articlces to back-up this hypothesis, but can’t seem to find any, so maybe I’m deluded and it’s total nonesense. I did find this intersting article along the way) But as I write this, I’m tempted to test it. OK, I will. I’ll send 100 emails from my own name and 100 from a woman’s name and see what happens.

Watch this space…