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I sometimes car-share with colleagues to get to work and sometimes I drive alone. I enjoy both as when I’m alone I listen to great podcasts and when I’m with collegues we get to have stimulating chat about start-ups and the like.

Today I was on my own and listened to SFN145: From E-Commerce to Process Management in 4 moves and 5 years, with Vinay Patankar

Processes is definitely one of my weak points so this was a very worthwhile listen and a good interview all around – lots of useful info and Vinay seems like a good guy too.

Indeed many successful people cite people and processes as the 2 biggest factors in success.

The Foundation is a funny thing – on one hand I love it, but sometimes I feel it’s bordering on some kind of cult religion. They’ve basically taken lean start-up ideas and re-worked them in their own way. The encourage people to perform “idea extraction” which is their terminology for finding customer problems to solve. They also talk a lot about mindset.

I’ve listened to many episodes of their podcasts and it’s usually pretty good and definitely worth checking out. I can’t vouch for their course either way and have read mixed reviews about it.